Celtic Knots

Celtic knots are highly stylized illustrations of interweaving bands.

I became interested in Celtic knots after viewing a video showing how to draw them by hand. The technique begins with dots laid out on a square grid. Barriers are then added to the grid which form the outer border of the knot, as well as internal deflections.

Celtic Knot Gallery

How to Draw Celtic Knots

Celtic knots appear complex but simple techniques allow for one to draw them easily.

Celtic Knot Formalism

This page describes formalisms for the structure of Celtic knots. In order to program drawing routines and understand Celtic knots, we need to be able to manipulate the underlying structure of the knot and have a reliable way of drawing the knot from its structure.

Create Your Own

I wanted to have a better way to generate these Celtic Knot illustrations, so I wrote a series of computer programs for generating them. My first attempt took advantage of a tile-based decomposition to create knots from smaller composite images. My more recent attempts have been with the HTML5 canvas element for dynamically generated images. The illustrations on this page were created with this program; you can try it yourself.