Tensegrity is an architectural principle in which compressive as well as tensile forces are balanced to create a static structure. The word is an amalgamation of tension and integrity.

I became interested in tenesgrity in 2013 and have since been building physical structures as well as developing methods to perform the calculations necessary to model and build them. Tensegrity is not typically employed in architecture, though there are a few examples. More commonly, tensegrity manifests as sculptures. Kenneth Snelson (Wiki) is perhaps the best known creator of tensegrity structures, and either created or played a pivotal role in the development of the concept.

Gallery of Sculptures

Tensegrity structures built from wooden dowels, fishing line, washers, and nails.

Gallery of Simulations

Simulations of tensegrity structures.

Instructions for Simulating

Instructions for simulating tensegrities.

Instructions for Building

Instructions and tips for building tensegrity models, including recommended materials and tools, and techniques for assembly.